Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener

Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener

There are so many brands of hair straighteners in the market right now that it would take an experienced user to pick the right one. Even the highly experienced user may need a bit of guide from a couple of reviews to make the right choice. One of the highly effective and affordable straighteners in the market today is the Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener. Paul Mitchell is a name synonymous with quality, and ranks among the most affordable products in the market. Like Chi hair straightener considered to be among the highly rated ones in the market; the Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener is something worth taking a closer look at.

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron last much longer than a lot of other competing products out there in the market. A lot of the models from Paul Mitchell are designed to endure lots of grinds of most professional salon. Though, prices may be a bit higher when compared to other products like Chi Flat Iron; customers will no doubt find real value when they invest their money on any of them. The truth is customers who make their purchases at accredited stores can get a factory warranty.

Paul Mitchell Iron is designed with modern technology; and also comes with guides to ensure customers who know little or nothing about hair straightener gets an easy start. Some of the advanced technologies you are likely to find in most Paul Mitchell products include the following; solid ceramic heaters, super-charged negative ions that help control static and flyaways, beveled edges, temperature settings, etc. You may find a couple of other products from different manufacturers in the market; but don’t get confused or carried away because of the difference in terms of prices because Paul Mitchell Flat Iron is worth a try!

Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener Reviews

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron, 1-1/4 Inch

This Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth is one of the most advanced hair straighteners in the market today; and is regarded by many customers as the best hair straightener. The straightener is lightning- fast, thereby creating super-charged negative ions to break up water molecules and penetrate them into the hair, restoring moisture and sealing the cuticle. Inclusion of Far infrared heat gently smoothes strands from the inside out, so hair feels silky and conditioned. Some of its key features include the following; Express Ion Complex is fused to the plates to speed straightening and help against damage, solid ceramic heaters provide even distribution over 1.23-inch cushion plates, beveled edges allows no line demarcation, variable temperature settings, etc.

Paul Mitchell “The Smoothing Iron” Professional Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 3/8″

This Paul Mitchell smoothing iron protects against damages by sealing in natural oils, and moisture and promoting long lasting hair colour. The flat iron is best for all kinds of hair and texture; and heats evenly across the paddles. This Paul Mitchell flat iron’s beveled edges mean no line of demarcation, leaving the hair beautifully smooth with volume. The flat iron has 5 temperature settings ranging from 170 to 400 degrees; this enables you to choose the exact heat for your hair texture and condition. Some of its features include; fast heating ceramic paddles that achieve maximum heat, and UL listed cord.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle Professional Styler

This Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle styler allows you to make change your look as often as you change your mind. It is designed with features to make hair straight or wavy or curly and anything in between in a fraction of the time. The unique express grips of silicone makes a styling a cinch, holding onto every strand and gliding over hair with ease. Secret ingredient Express Ion Complex delivers super -charged negative ions to break up water molecules and penetrate them into the hair shaft, restoring moisture and sealing the cuticle for longer lasting hair colour. You can also beat the frizz with far infrared heat and smooth hair quickly and gently with conditioned results that last.

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