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How to use a Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

Using flat irons on your hair can be difficult often. There are some standard points like what sort of flat irons to use, the best ways to prepare your hair simply prior to utilizing the flat iron, how to really use the flat iron and exactly what to use and do after flattening your hair. So simply relax and study the following 4 steps and who knows you might learn.

1. Buy a right flat iron: This step is the most important one as the flat iron you are using could have long-term effects on your hair. So pick the finest flat iron for your hair like any of Paul Mitchell’s Ceramic Flat Irons which will cause minimum damage to your hair. Works well with for black hair, natural hair, African American hair, frizzy hair, thin hair, curly hair and so on

. 2. Prepare your hair before using hair iron: Before you start utilizing flat simply make sure that your hair is clean. For this you may use some excellent hair shampoo and conditioners like these from Paul Mitchell hair care that you can find on Amazon, or at your favorite salon.

After cleaning your hair remove water from your hair with the assistance of a towel and by pressing your hair so that extreme frizz is avoided from occurring.

Apply heat protection serum like this from Paul Mitchell on your hair ensure the serum is spread around your hair evenly. Then make use of a broad toothed comb for combing after applying the serum. You can also use  Argon oil, additional pure coconut oil, oil and products with silicone which will be wonderful.

Completely dried out hair offers the finest results when using flat irons. You can blow dry your hair before straightening. Use hair dryer on the lowest heat setting particularly if you have frizzy hair.

3. Appropriate use of Flat Iron: After you switch on your Paul Mitchell flat iron first thing is to choose the ideal heat settings. Heat setup is crucial since different kinds of hair require various heat settings on a flat iron.

If you have fine and damaged hair then it must be ironed at below 300 degree Fahrenheit, normal hair can be ironed at 300-380 and thick, coarse and curly hair should utilize heat setups at around 350 to 400 degree Fahrenheit for producing best results.

Now you divide your hair into different sections depending on the density of your hair. You can make sections of one to two inches thick so that flat iron quickly passes with the hair. Use clips for each area other than the one when you are using the flat iron.

Then start using flat iron simply at about a distance of 1-2 inches from your scalp, be cautious that you do not burn yourself. While clamping flat iron ensure you do not clamp too firmly as this will develop a ridge and layers on the hair section. Also do not hold the flat iron on the very same area at the section of your hair for too long as this will harm your hair. Practice makes perfect.

Move the flat iron gradually and efficiently from the roots to the end of hair sections. You could have to run the flat iron through your hair relying on the kind of your hair and heat settings of flat iron. At lower heat settings you might need to use flat iron more than as soon as.

There could be some steam coming out while utilizing flat iron due to the ceramic heaters coming into contact with wet hair. If you smell a burning scent, you can reduce the heat settings.

4. Keeping your hair straight after using of flat iron: After flattening your hair with flat iron you must follow this simple step to keep your hair straight effectively and for longer duration. Blow your hair by keeping dryer at the coldest setting  and a low air flow setting for a minute before setting your hair.

Apply some hair spray or a setting spray after flattening your hair to keep hair straighter for longer period. Anti-frizz serum including silicone works for keeping hair flat after flat ironing. Avoid touching your hair with fingers as this produces smears your  oil on your hair.

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